[xsl] Is XSL to XSL the Solution?

Subject: [xsl] Is XSL to XSL the Solution?
From: "Eliyahu Hershfeld" <eliyahu.hershfeld@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 16:14:42 -0500
I want to do a transform on my stylesheet and at a later time do a second transform on the output with a different XML file.
I am assuming that I have to output an XSL from my first transform. (if not please let me know how to go about it)
I searched the archives and saw a few threads about XSL to XSL Where can I find a tutorial or more info?
Some background:
I am now using JSP to generate a dynamic XSL. I am doing the transform with XML from my content management system using Xalan.
The output works beautifully but it does not preserve any of the unused  "xsl:value-of select" tags that I need for the second transform.
I tried using <xsl:text>to wrap the  "xsl:value-of select"   but Xalan gives me the following message "TransformerException: xsl:value-of is not allowed in this position in the stylesheet!"
Wrapping it in <![CDATA[ will lead to output with escaped characters.

By the way I am planning on having the actual XSL output written to the file system as a JSP (needed for additional processing). Do you see any show stoppers with this?
Thanks for any help


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