Re: [xsl] Outputting literal and 'quoted' tags.

Subject: Re: [xsl] Outputting literal and 'quoted' tags.
From: Emiliano <emile@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 13:44:17 +0100 (CET)
David Carlisle wrote:

> > So is sablotron doing the right thing here, or is Saxon?
> saxon by the sound of it.

OK, in a sense that's good news, even if it means more work for me.

> > I expect &lt; to be
> > output as '<', and '<H1>' as '<H1>' in both text and html output mode.
> I can't see why you would expect that.

likely because I omitted the 'seeing as how I have all of 2 months of
xslt and the first 3 chapters of Mike Kays book behind me' :) I'm a
newby here, and unfortunately that means I'm going to make stupid
mistakes and assumptions. One of the reasons I joined up with the list
is to learn about xslt 'from the field'. If there's a more
newby-oriented list that's more appropriate I'd appreciate a pointer.

> In html output mode, as in xml a less than character, appearing as &lt;
> in the stylesheet has to be output as something that is valid in html
> so it will be written out as &lt;. If you generate an H1 element node
> in the stylesheet using <H1>..</H1> then that element node will be
> output using element start and end tags  <H1>..</H1> t
> in text mode characters are never escaped using xml/html syntax so a
> less than character (which would be entered in the stylesheet as &lt;)
> appears as <, however text does not have element nodes so an H1 element
> node produces nothing in a text output just it's character data, this is
> the same string value as you would get from using value-of applied to an
> H1 element in the source.

But as long as I'm using <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"> as
proposed earlier I'm OK, right?


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