RE: [xsl] namespace issue

Subject: RE: [xsl] namespace issue
From: DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 12:22:55 -0000
David C wrote:
> > Having specified the ns in the top level element,
> > must I really add the xmlns attribute to all children?
> don't think in terms of xmlns attributes, just think in terms of the
> expanded name.
> If you want to generate an element with expanded name {myns}el in the
> output then you need to specify an element of that name in the
> stylesheet.
> You can go
> <el xmlns="myns">
> every time, or you can stick
> xmlns="myns" in the xsl:stylesheet element and then just use
> <el>
> this is equivalent as far as the namespace rec (and xslt) is 
> concerned,
> so just do whichever you prefer.

The latter is a)less work, b) More elegant (my dfn)
Thanks David.

> > I guess this still applies to the 'empty' ns? or is that special?
> if you mean the empty prefix there is more or less nothing 
> special about
> that, the binding of the empty prefix to namespaces works in 
> exactly the
> same way as non empty prefixes, the only difference is thatif 
> the prefix
> is empty then the : is omitted.
(my words) They are the same, OK.

> If by empty ns you meant empty namespace name rather than empty prefix
> then that is special in that it can only be assigned to the default
> namespace (ie the empty prefix) you can't assign a non empty prefix to
> the non-namespace.

I've now read that eight times and I'm off to let me head heal.

I think it means
  <el xmlns="">  == the default namespace, is 'special' 

I think the double negative means I can't do <pre:el xmlns="">

Thanks David.
  As usual, its my coding again.

Thanks for the reply Francis

Regards DaveP


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