[xsl] Numbered references

Subject: [xsl] Numbered references
From: Adriano Rodrigues Ferreira <ferreira@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 12:09:28 -0200
In my document, I have a lot of figures like this:

<figure id="fig:one"> ... </figure>
<figure id="fig:two"> ... </figure>
<figure id="fig:three"> ... </figure>

They appear in different levels in the text, and the caption
is formatted with

<xsl:template match="figure">
<p>Fig. <xsl:number level="any" format="1 "/> ... </p>

after a similar example in XSLT specification. That is,
figures got numbered sequentially within a document.

<p>Fig. 1 ...</p>
<p>Fig. 2 ...</p>
<p>Fig. 3 ...</p>

It works. But my question is how do I generate the label (number)
in a cross-reference? In the text, I use

<figref id="fig:two/>

which I would like to translate to

	Fig. 2

in the output. But I cannot figure how to generate again the
number from outside the context provided by the element figure.
It is probably easy, but I just don't see how.

Thanks for any help,


Adriano Rodrigues Ferreira

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