[xsl] Complicated Table

Subject: [xsl] Complicated Table
From: DEV SEN <devksen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 17:09:57 -0700 (PDT)
Hi, Hi, 

I wonder if anyone can help with this problem I'm
having formatting an xml table. I want to know how to
use xsl to format something like this ("numrows" could
be up to 200):

<table name="Table: Auto records" numcols="5"
	<column_info num="1" name="Make of Car"/>
	<column_info num="2" name="Model"/>
	<column_info num="3" name="Year"/>
	<column_info num="4" name="Color"/>
	<column_info num="5" name="Condition"/>
	<row num="1">
		<column num="1">Ford</column>
		<column num="2">Pinto</column>
		<column num="3">1972</column>
		<column num="4">blue</column>
		<column num="5">Slight Fire Damage</column>
	<row num="2">
	        <column num="1">Ferarri</column>
		<column num="2">Testarossa</column>
		<column num="3">1999</column>
		<column num="4">Red</column>
		<column num="5">Shiny</column>
	<row num="3">
		<column num="1">Maclaren</column>
		<column num="2">F1</column>
		<column num="3">2002</column>
		<column num="4">Gunmetal</column>
		<column num="5">A Blur</column>
	<row num="4">
		<column num="1">BMW</column>
		<column num="2">7 Series</column>
		<column num="3">2002</column>
		<column num="4">Black</column>
		<column num="5">New</column>

It's not even slightly clear to me where to start. How
do the attributes like "numcols" and "numrows" figure
in, not to mention how do you connect the variable
"num" from column_info to the num from the rows? 

Any help would be tremendously appreciated. 

Mille Grazie,

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