[xsl] Using a custom URI resolver with MSXML when processing stylesheets

Subject: [xsl] Using a custom URI resolver with MSXML when processing stylesheets
From: "Geoff" <geoff@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 11:13:36 +1000
If there is a better place to post this question, please let me know.

Otherwise, I am looking for some advice on whether MSXML provides users with
and ability to specify a customised URI resolver  when resolving URI's
during the course of stylesheet processing.

Motivating this query: I am working on a draft set of XML documents that
make extensive use of Extended XLinks.  These documents are full of URL's
referencing other documents in the set.  I need to trace through this
network of URL's to "find" all of the information in the network of XML
files using the document() XPath function.  Because the XML files are under
development, I do not want to publish them to their final URL and am instead
working on a draft version of them in a different local environment.
Because the documents are not at the locations specified by the URL's
contained in the documents, I am having to intervene in the resolution
process to make sure that the documents are found in their actual location

Using Saxon, this has not been a problem.  I have just put together a small
Java implementation of the URIResolver and made the SAX reader use that URI

Now I am having to do this kind of work in a different environment (using
the MSXML processor instead of Saxon) and the whole process of achieving the
kind of redirection effect that I am looking for is much less obvious (if it
is possible at all).

Any advice on how to achieve my objectives or decide on a smarter set of
objectives would be much appreciated,


Geoff Shuetrim

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