[xsl]how to mix two trees

Subject: [xsl]how to mix two trees
From: Tiago Freire <tmpfreire@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 09:10:58 -0300
hello, I am having a headache on starting XSLT, and I have to do the following:
given a tree like:
<exercise_title>XSLT Foo</exercise_title>
She sells sea sehells on the ____<question_1 />. <br />
Fuzzy wuzzy was a _____<question_2 />
</questions> </result>
I'd have to reconstruct the result in HTML, substituting the <question_ /> tags in he exercise with the <row> contents belongingto the corresponding <question_order>.
Note: the XML design can be changed(any places on where to learn good XML design?), but we will always have these result sets with one exercise having one or more questions in it.

Thanks in advance,
Tiago Freire

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