RE: [xsl] What is the fastest XSLT parser

Subject: RE: [xsl] What is the fastest XSLT parser
From: "bryan" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 13:58:01 +0200
>If something is taking 30 hrs on msxml then I think you've probably got
>a code problem, there's likelihood of stack overflow with msxml if
>recursion is improperly used.

That was badly phrased, I don't mean to suggest stack overflow is the
cause of your 30 hr running time, I just mean to indicate a common
problem with code for msxml. 

I've noticed before that there are some problems with earlier versions
of msxml 4 vis-à-vis keys and passing params in arguments. Always just
went and got the newest one.

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