[xsl] What is the fastest XSLT parser

Subject: [xsl] What is the fastest XSLT parser
From: "Thomas V. Nielsen" <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 13:23:09 +0200
What is the fastest XSLT parser on a Windows 32-bit platform.

So far I have tried Microsoft's Command-line utility, which invokes what
ever version of MSXML there is installed.
But a job on this one, that took 30 hours took only 5 minutes in
Xalan/Xerces testXSLT command-line utility.

However, I still have to figure out, that when I use these parsers as
command-line, some of my XLST Node Functions doesn't work properly, but when
I use XMLSpy that again uses MSXML, the result is okay.

That's a bit annoying not to be able to rely on the result 100%


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