RE: [xsl] triggers in XML

Subject: RE: [xsl] triggers in XML
From: "KIENLE, STEVEN C [IT/0200]" <steven.c.kienle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 08:37:37 -0500

Could you be confusing triggers with referential integrity?

XSLT does look a lot like triggers, as the templates are "triggered" when
the element is encountered in the input stream.  But it is not like a
database trigger.  By the time XSLT is processing the XML, the input stream
has already created and the XSLT code is really transforming it.  The
difference is one of timing.

XSLT can be used to check referential integrity.  For example, if you have
an element with an attribute which should exist as an attribute in another
location of the XML stream, XSLT can help you confirm that existence of that
referenced attribute value.  However, this again is a post XML file creation

The point here is: XSLT processing is performed on an already created XML
file.  It can help you transform that file or check that file's format, but
only after the file has been created.

For a more creation time referential integrity support, I would suggest you
look at XML Schemas.  Schemas include the ability to define referential
integrity style information in the data definition language, rather than as
a post processing language.


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Subject: [xsl] triggers in XML

 I am working on a project to ensure the database integrity constraints on
XML files. I would like to know the answer to following questions
1) why triggers are an issue in the traditional database systems and
considered to circumvent the database integrity.
2) is there a poosible way to implement triggers for XML files
If anyone has any answers or suggestions for this, please do reply back.

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