Re: [xsl] XML to XML transformation using XSD

Subject: Re: [xsl] XML to XML transformation using XSD
From: Lukacsy Gergely <stilgar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 19:07:32 +0200

If the structures are identical other than some of the element and attribute names, you could write a rule-based XSLT sheet
that replaces the names. This would get very tedious if there are
a lot of names to be changed.

Exactly. The schema I have is not a short one (it's not even human readable if you know what I mean)...

So What I really need is some kind of automatic tool which does this.

The XSD is not relevant to the process except to inform you in
writing the transformation. It simply doesn't carry the information
needed to bridge the gap. I suppose one could write an XSLT that would
examine both the XSD and the sample file, make an attempt at guessing
the transformation based on certain structural similarities, and output
templates based on these guesses. But you would still have to work through
the result to ensure that it was correct, and you would be more likely to overlook something.

I think one can easily check the result if he/she uses a simple validator for the result and the given target

I have tried with Xerces XML parser mixed with Prolog (SICStus) - I have parsed the XSD and XML, tried to match the tags, etc -, but after some hour work I thought someone perhaps might know an existing application ...

I would appriciate any help, thanks in advance,

Is there any way to convert an XML file to another one if

- the source XML file is given
- the target XSD schema is given?

The XSD schema fits to the source file, but have different tag names, etc.

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