Re: [xsl] LaTeX -> RTF, is XSLT the right tool?

Subject: Re: [xsl] LaTeX -> RTF, is XSLT the right tool?
From: Antonio Gallardo Rivera <agallardo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 22:54:21 -0600
Another very nice format is format. Also, there are many 
import/export features:

More info:

Also a way to convert documents from to Latex:

Antonio Gallardo

El Jueves, 24 de Octubre de 2002 13:15, MindFuq escribió:
> * bryan <bry@xxxxxxxxxx> [2002-10-24 18:40]:
> > So the question is: Did you indeed find it to be  either faulty(by not
> > handling these details), process intensive(by handling these details),
> > neither of the above because you in some way structured your markup or
> > pre-processed it so as to remove this problem, or four not an actual
> > problem because the chance of such a thing occurring was negligible?
> >
> > If four can you tell me how often the RTF conversion is used, types of
> > documents used with etc.
> I'm not sure exactly what details you're referring to.  I merely wrote
> something small that would take some xml data (specifically,
> information about a software test), and output a table in RTF.
> It was kind of painful.  RTF is the ugliest open standard format I've
> ever encountered.  Word doesn't handle RTF that it didn't produce very
> well.  One of the biggest headaches was when Word would constantly
> crash or produce a screwed up table, when the RTF was solid and
> complied with the spec.  It turned out that Word didn't like trailing
> whitespace at the end.  A single whitespace took me hours to
> troubleshoot.
> But in the end, it was nice.. and worked well.  I'm afraid to attempt
> to write something larger.. like something that will process an entire
> document.  There are so many pitfalls to expect with RTF.
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