Re: [xsl] Encoding/Entities problems

Subject: Re: [xsl] Encoding/Entities problems
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:01:56 GMT
> Hi david, I found the error reason :)
> You told that I must put the .ent files in the same folder right?
> ok, I puted them..
> but the reference to them must be with the complete url

it shouldn't work that way, it's like <a="href"...."/> If you just put
the file name it is a relative URI relative to teh stylesheet, so they
hae to be in the same directory. If you put a full absolute URI
http://.... then they can be anywhere on the planet.

> The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available.
that sounds like a different version of teh same problem, the file isn't
being found.

Rather than find (or not find) files you can, instead of this

<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [
<!ENTITY % lat1 PUBLIC "-//W3C//ENTITIES Latin 1 for XHTML//EN"
<!ENTITY % symbol PUBLIC "-//W3C//ENTITIES Symbols for XHTML//EN"
<!ENTITY % special PUBLIC "-//W3C//ENTITIES Special for XHTML//EN"


<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [

where ..... is a _copy_ of the contents of the three .ent files, which
will be lots of lines all looking like

<!ENTITY nbsp   "&#160;" ><!-- no-break space = non-breaking space, U+00A0 ISOnum -->
<!ENTITY iexcl  "&#161;" ><!-- inverted exclamation mark, U+00A1 ISOnum -->

That way everything is in one file and you don't have to worry about
whether your browser security is letting you pull in data from other


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