Re: [xsl] [XPath] matching elements which satisfy a specific content model

Subject: Re: [xsl] [XPath] matching elements which satisfy a specific content model
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 13:06:22 GMT
> When there is no title? Then I want no heading element; I'm testing it 
> with xsl:if.

no, I meant the case when it doesn't match that content model.
If the code in the case when it does and does not match the content
model is the same, you don't need a complicated match expression to
distinguish them. I assume its not teh same in your case, but my point
is that normally it is sufficiently close that you can have a more
generic match expression to catch both cases, and then special case with
xsl:choose if required.

> but I want to tell 
> you that I'd be happy to be able to use it, without being told that "it 
> isn't really a simplification".

Yes I can accept that you find it simpler (and you can of course
implement it as an extension) but I'm just saying that I think that it
makes the language as a whole more complicated and wouldn't want it in
the core. I should stress I'm not on the Working Group so what I do or
don't think should be standardised has no effect. (If I was on the WG
I'd be a lot more careful about expressing personal opinion:-)

> The syntax could look familiar to those who write DTDs,
That's one of my objections. this would mainly be of use for people
who have a DTD and would copy the content models from the DTD to the
Xpath, but with your suggestion the result would be syntactically correct
but mean something completely different to its DTD meaning because of the
namespace issues.


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