[xsl] simple example of using XForms

Subject: [xsl] simple example of using XForms
From: Laurence Mossuz <mossuz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:35:20 +0100

I'm starting learning XForms.

I'm working with XSD, XSL and XML.
For the moment i produce my XML file from the schema, and then i make
the XSL style sheet in order to visualize the XML file throw the Web in
I have to use HTML forms in my XSL style sheet to enter the data.

XForms seems to be our solution. But i'm wondering how can i start to
make some simple XForms examples.
Because  i'm not still abble to understand the relationship  between the
different files :
the html file which contains the different forms declaration, the xml
file which comports the data, and the XSD.

I have started to read the litterature but it's very theoretical.

many thanks for your help!!

Miss Laurence Mossuz


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