[xsl] best practice

Subject: [xsl] best practice
From: florian <csshsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 09 Feb 2003 20:36:05 +0100


i have following situation and would like to know whats the
best practice for it:

i have:

- xml document describing some data
  (e.g. <foo><name>john</name></foo>)
- xml document describing an abstract webpage
  (e.g. <page><header /><box /></page>)

the abstract webpage-xml gets transformed into concret 
implementations (e.g. html) via xslt, also some information 
out of the data-xml should be taked via xslt.

the question is: whats the best way to do that? just
use the data xml doc as the xml doc used for the xsl
transformation, and place the webpage-xml in the xslt template
matching the root node? but then?

thanks alot for any tip!


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