[xsl] Full path to a node

Subject: [xsl] Full path to a node
From: Ronny Haryanto <ronnyharyanto@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 10:20:15 +0700
Hi all,

Is it possible to print out the full path of a node with XSL?

Let say I have a menu.xml like the following for a web application's
menu system:

<menu href="/" label="Home">
    <menu href="manage/" label="Manage">
	<menu href="customer/" label="Customer">
	    <menu href="customer/register/" label="Register" />
	    <menu href="customer/" label="Query" />
	<menu href="project/" label="Project">
	    <menu href="project/register/" label="Register" />
	    <menu href="project/" label="Query" />
	<menu href="employee/" label="Employee">
	    <menu href="employee/register/" label="Register" />
	    <menu href="employee/" label="Query" />

When I view the "Register A Project" page in the web application I
want to print out:

	Home :: Manage :: Project :: Register

at the top of the page.

I tried writing several XSLs but most of them got stuck in infinite
recursive loop or prints only the root node or the "Project Register"
node. I just started learning XSL 2 days ago so I'm still not used to
thinking in terms of XPath and XSL.

I would really appreciate any suggestions and/or pointers. Thanks.


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