[xsl] Splitting a string on word boundaries

Subject: [xsl] Splitting a string on word boundaries
From: "thei" <thei@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 01:51:16 +1000
Hello all, I've got what I think is a simple problem but I can't find a

I am generating a RSS file and summarising the first 200 characters for
the output.

The XML source <content> element contains only text (xs:string).

The XSL is:


This can often cause words to become truncated at the end. I would much
rather have a way to output say the first 30 words, rather than the
first 200 characters.

The full xsl is available at http://journal.the-i.org/xsl/rss091.xsl and
rss-imports.xsl and the output is http://journal.the-i.org/rss091.xml

Thanks for any help :)

Ned Martin

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