[xsl] XML Rendering in Netscape/Mozilla inconsistent

Subject: [xsl] XML Rendering in Netscape/Mozilla inconsistent
From: Rick Taylor <taylor@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 07:52:19 -0700

Can anybody tell me why the the following examples do not render properly in Netscape/Mozilla (most recent versions):

xml with PI: http://www.ppdm.org/xml/working/portfolio_xsl.xml
xsl: http://www.ppdm.org/xml/working/portfolio.xsl

Note that these files are a slightly modified version of these examples:
xml with PI: http://www.xmlfiles.com/examples/portfolio_xsl.xml
xsl: http://www.xmlfiles.com/examples/portfolio.xsl

If I copy the very same files to a local directory and view them with Netscape/Mozilla, then it works correctly. (It also works correctly when accessing the files through a localhost.).

I've tried messing around with changing namespace info but have not met with success.



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