RE: [xsl] converting xsl-wd to xsl1, msxml script changes

Subject: RE: [xsl] converting xsl-wd to xsl1, msxml script changes
From: Woody <woody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 22:45:40 +0000
In my experience the -only- way to convert from wd-xsl to xslt is to transform the source using the old stylesheets, and then write the xslt required for the new stylesheets from scratch.

Yes, I think that is the way I am coming around to!

Trying to figure out what the embedded jscript is doing, and then implementing that process in xslt will lead to problems - the languages will attack the same problem from very different angles. The time spent deciphering ropey Jscript could be better spent designing the shiny new xslt based on the output required, and not on the old way of getting there.

probably true although I am still left with my inability to work out how to send a node to a piece of javascript, which I almost certainly may need at some point.


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