Re: [xsl] ANN: nxslt - .NET XSLT Command Line Utility

Subject: Re: [xsl] ANN: nxslt - .NET XSLT Command Line Utility
From: Oleg Tkachenko <olegt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 19:30:30 +0200
Jirka Kosek wrote:

On my side it isn't matter of will but matter of (not) having time :-(
ditto :(

But if you have time, I think that it shouldn't be so hard to port Norm
Walsh's catalog resolver from Java to C#.
Yeah, that's what I meant. May be we can even leave it in Apache source base, I'm Apache committer after all.

Not only about DocBook. I think that resolver is very important part of
XML toolchain. Besides AFAIK XSLT processor from .NET is unable to
process DocBook stylesheets.
Well, you right. Beside lack of Norm's extensions, there are still some bugs, e.g. XslTransform doesn't like "$years[1] + 1" as XPath expression somehow :(

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

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