Re: [xsl] performance issues saxon

Subject: Re: [xsl] performance issues saxon
From: "Vasu Chakkera" <vasucv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:28:04 -0000
Thanks for your suggestions Mike. I am looking at the solution you had
suggested. I am at the moment sticking to saxon5.5.1 for some reasons. I
looked at  the documentation for saxon:preview and the sample play.xsl. I am
all set to do a basic test ..can I give a wildcard * to say preview all
<saxon:preview mode = "preview" elements = "*"/>

Or do we have to give the specific element's name??
Also will it only work if we have a template of that name.. I am asking this
because i am making use of  a for-each and not a template.?
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Subject: RE: [xsl] performance issues saxon

> As I replied to another post on this subject today, some of your options
> are:
> (a) buy lots of memory (at least 10 times the source file size), and
> carefully configure the JVM to make sure it is being used
> (b) use a SAX filter to break the document up into small pieces before
> transformation
> (c) use saxon:preview to transform the document one piece at a time
> (d) load the data into an XML or SQL database
> (e) use STX
> Many people have found that saxon:preview works well in this situation.
> It's not a feature I'm very fond of (it's rather fragile if you try to
> do anything too clever with it), but it does enable you to process large
> documents using small amounts of memory, without learning how to write
> in Java.
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> > Hi all,
> > I have a bit of problem running saxon for my XML which is as
> > huge as 250Mg. ( monster markup language :) ). The
> > transformer fails as it runs out of memory. Is there any
> > suggestions to situations like this. The XML is designed by a
> > different team , and I would want to look into it to see if
> > there are any ways of optimising . I also looked at -X option
> > of java to get round the out of memory exception.While i do
> > this , It would be quite helpful if the Gurus here can let me
> > know some tips regarding how to deal with situations like
> > this.I am looking at ways to reduce the size of the file at
> > the moment. Thanks a lot Vasu
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