[xsl] incremental re-transformation of changed source document

Subject: [xsl] incremental re-transformation of changed source document
From: Felix Breuer <felix@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 18 Feb 2003 17:47:42 +0100

What I would like to have is a XSLT processor that supports the
following mode of operation:

1) given: a source DOM tree.
2) apply XSLT stylesheet to source DOM tree to obtain
  a) result DOM tree
  b) a mapping, which maps a node in the source tree, to the set of
     nodes in the result tree, which have been generated by applying
     a template to the given node
3) make XSLT processor listen to mutation events on the source tree
4) whenever a node in the source tree is modified, the processor
  a) updates the result tree
  b) does so without re-transforming source nodes that have not changed
     (and whose transformation-relevant context has not changed)
  c) updates the source nodes -> result nodes mapping (from 2b)

In short: What I need is a processor that keeps a source DOM tree and
its image under a given stylesheet in sync.

Does any work of the W3C address/relate to/allow for the implementation
of this scenario?

Do you know of a XSLT processor that allows this mode of operation
already or that would at least allow the implementation of it?

Felix Breuer

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