[xsl] Should You Comment XSLT And If So, How?

Subject: [xsl] Should You Comment XSLT And If So, How?
From: Ted Stresen-Reuter <tedmasterweb@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 20:51:28 -0600

I joined this list what seems like several weeks ago now, at the outset of a project I am working on (http://www.tedmasterweb.com/htdig/). I've seen several fascinating conversations taking place here, in addition to getting several truly excellent answers to what must have seemed like incredibly dumb questions. In short, I'm fairly wowed and realize I'm surrounded by rather enlightened beings.

Thank you all for your time, effort, and sense of humor.

As you can see by the Subject line, I'd like to know if you think you should comment XSTL. And if so, How?

I'd like to say "here's what I do" but what provoked me to ask this question was a realization that although XML can be commented, I don't really find myself needing it or making much use of it when writing XSLT (which is XML). The problem is, I've never seen an XML application, just sample code. So, I was wondering, should you comment XSLT and if so, How?

I sincerely look forward to your answers.


Ted Stresen-Reuter

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