RE: [xsl] replace jsp with xsl's

Subject: RE: [xsl] replace jsp with xsl's
From: "Allan Jones" <allan.jones@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 10:33:11 -0000
|It would be nifty to use xsl to create a stream of content as 
|xml (and a 
|second layer for presentation). What I don't know is if there are any 
|good, simple solutions out there to make this easy. 


At the risk of sounding self-interested, this sounds very similar to the
mvc architecture that we've been working on here at hyfinity.
Essentially, we've got a three-layer architecture of forward-chaining
reasoning engines built using java and xml.  The engines contain the
business logic in the form of xml logicsheets, and these are used to
make decisions based on the content of the incoming xml message.

The logicsheets can then alter the message - say, by transforming it, or
adding/deleting nodes - and then pass this to another node.  For what
you're talking about here, you would probably want to use one layer to
control transformations (the view), one layer to control the changing
content (the controller) and then one to store content (perhaps as
entries in a database, or as an xml file on a server).  We have a design
environment currently built using this method, integrated with a web
server, to provide a web-style interface.

If you'd like more information, check out our website at, or e-mail me offlist.

Allan Jones

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