RE: [xsl] Auto-Numbering with conditions

Subject: RE: [xsl] Auto-Numbering with conditions
From: Jarno.Elovirta@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 09:10:57 +0300

> But, what I really want is to modify the conditions so that 
> when there is more
> than one and less than 10 steps I can apply styles "abc" and 
> when there is more
> than 10 or more steps, apply styles "xyz".


  <xsl:variable name="count" select="count(../step)"/>
    <xsl:when test="$count = 0"/>
    <xsl:when test="$count = 1">
    <xsl:when test="$count &lt; 10">
      <!--one to nine-->
      <!--ten or more-->


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