[xsl] position() seems always to be 1

Subject: [xsl] position() seems always to be 1
From: "Steve" <Turnhose_alt@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 11:54:41 +0200

I have a little position() problem and here is what I like to do:
I have sect elements with download elements in it, now I want to format each last download inside each sect in another way.

And here is what I tried but doesn't work, it always uses the otherwise formatting: 

<xsl:template match="sect/download">

			  	<xsl:when test="self::node()[position()=last()]">
					  <tr id="downloadBox">
					  	<td width="130" height="1" colspan="3"><img src="img/others/spacer.gif" height="1" width="130"/></td>
					  <tr id="downloadBox">
					  	<td width="130" height="1" colspan="3" bgcolor="#006699"><img src="img/others/spacer.gif" height="1" 									width="130"/></td>


If I use  <xsl:when test="self::node()[position()=1]">  all download elements are processed, it seems that every download elements returns 1... but this cannot be or?

Thanks for your help.


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