Re: [xsl] jfor doesn't work under linux

Subject: Re: [xsl] jfor doesn't work under linux
From: me@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 13:19:56 -0700 (PDT)
> Ich finally managed to setup jfor to be used by a
> servlet running in Jboss 
> 3.0.6@Tomcat 4.18,
> under windows everything is fine. But if try to
> a XSL:Fo in to RTF, 
> while Jboss runs
> on Suse linux 8.1, I get this:
> 22:27:09,017 ERROR [STDERR] jfor.INFO:jfor V0.7.1 -
>          at
> Where for do I need a XServer to convert A XSL:FO??
> Perhabs for external-graphics?
> And how can I fix that problem? I have really no idea
> how do it.

This wont fix your problem but it might give you an
idea of where to look for an answer. Java image stuff
uses X windows libraries to create images (and since
fo: does image type stuff I would assume pdf too). 

A quick answer could be to install X. You dont have to
have X running - you just need the libs I believe.
However, if memory serves, there are other libraries
you can download in place of the X libraries - you
might try looking on sun's web site.

Sorry that is not much help but I hope it helps a
little at least.


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