Re: [xsl] libxslt version changes RTF or exsl node-set sorting behavior

Subject: Re: [xsl] libxslt version changes RTF or exsl node-set sorting behavior
From: Daniel Veillard <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 12:30:58 +0100
On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 02:58:26PM +0400, David Tolpin wrote:
> > From owner-xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Sun Feb  1 14:47:38 2004
> > >
> >   Well it woks well enough for a number of people... We actually tried
> > to fix all the bug reported ! Agreed we had a lot of troubles due to
> > the reason I exposed ...
> The last occasion of complete disaster with exsl:node-set was with
> . 
> Simple stylesheets which work with any other XSLT implementation produce
> completely wrong result with xsltproc. Any version.

  Well libxslt works for a lot of stuff, maybe you hit a problem
nobody else hit or reported before. If it is not reported I cannot
guess there is a problem, and we cannot fix it.

> I have already learned to respond: "are you using libxslt?" for any inquiry
> about my stylesheets (not just INCELIM, I wrote many others) not working
> properly. The answer is normally positive.

  Well, there is something wrong and your pattern of programming
hit it. We do fix bugs, last example was reported by Sun Microsystems
on Friday about a namespace issue and fixed within 24 hours in CVS

> >   That's something I don't understand, you seems fine posting to this
> > list "don't use libxslt" but I don't see your bug report on libxslt
> > bugzilla ;-)
> It can only be done if there is a bug that can be fixed. Unfortunately,
> I do not think so; the bug is the size of the library. Unfortunately,

  Can you elaborate. Stating that all libxslt code is broken might be
easy for you, it is relatively harsh no ? I would at least like to
understand why you're posting such a statement.

> again. It would be great to have a working library like that what is
> said about libxml/libxslt.

  Hum, I'm not sure I understand. 
> >    You're clearly a good programmer, maybe you don't like my code, that's
> > fine, still I find your reaction a bit surprising.
> >
> This is not a question of taste; libxslt does not work, unfortunately.

  Well that contradict a lot of existing use.

> With all the respect to the effort, the result is discouraging; I've tried
> to use libxml/libxslt2 may be on ten different occasions already, and
> ten times out of ten I had to stop and switch to another tool. 

  Did you reported the bugs you found ? 

> The motivation to use is the announced support in libxml/libxslt
> support for  one or another advanced feature someone wants. To my
> deep regret, I never succeeded. It can be my problem though.

  All I can remember was one problem you raised about Relax-NG validation
there is some open bugs about it. In the meantime you wrote your
own library which is a nice proof that you're a good programmer but
doesn't really help fixing the problem (unless I can reuse your code
but that may need a lot of work).

  Oh, well one cannot please everyone,


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