Re: [xsl] FO Processor choice

Subject: Re: [xsl] FO Processor choice
From: David Tolpin <dvd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 15:40:37 +0400 (AMT)
> What I would like to know is that enough to use for development?  Is
> there anything missing that rules FOP out as a realistic choice?  The
> others are all really expensive, so if its possible to do a task using
> FOP - even if its longhand, or requires more work work in xslt - then
> that's fine.  Things like margins, text-transform etc can all be done
> another way, so is there any need to pay for one of the commercial ones?

If you are the author of the stylesheets, and you have the source code,
you can tailor the stylesheets and tweak the code to do what you need;
in fact problems of FOP are not in percentages AntennaHouse had 
calculated for it; they are nothing, those percents. It is not very
stable, unfortunately, if it did less but consistently, it would be
more useful.

If you are going to let users feed fo's generated by them to the formatting
engine, choose another tool.

I am biased, by the way.
David Tolpin

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