[xsl] Empty Elements in .NET

Subject: [xsl] Empty Elements in .NET
From: Greg Alvord <Greg.Alvord@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 11:04:24 -0600
 have schemas ( DTD, and W3C) that define some elements as EMPTY.
Explicitly in the DTD
and implicitly in a W3C schema by having a complex type with no

Regardless of the form of schema I use .NET creates
<ERROR a='data' ...></ERROR>

Rather than the expected form of
<ERROR a='data' .../>

The problem is compounded when <xsl:output indent='yes' /> is used.  In the
first form the indentation whitespace makes the instance document invalid
against either form of schema.  If the second form were generated the
indentation would not be an issue.

<xsl:strip-space> has no impact on the issue.

Is there a place in the XSLT where I should be identifying the output
document schema ( in either format) so as to force EMPTY elements to use the
short form?

Greg Alvord

Gallagher Financial Systems

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