RE: [xsl] generate output html from 2 xml files

Subject: RE: [xsl] generate output html from 2 xml files
From: "M. David Peterson" <m.david@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 05:21:56 -0700
Yes, this is possible.  To use multiple XML files you implement the
document() function.  To do this create a variable as such:

<xsl:variable name="format" select="document('format.xml')/>

Within your template you would call the variable and then treat it in
the same way you would if you were calling for data in the standard
document flow.  For example... <img src="{$format/root/logo/image}"
alt="{$format/root/logo/text}"/> would replace the XPath with the name
of the image and the text that goes along with it.  I'm assuming that
you would be using one of these two XML files as the main document used
by the processor in the transformation process.  If this is not the case
then just create another variable using interview.xml and use it in the
same manner as format.xml.

Hope this helps!


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Subject: [xsl] generate output html from 2 xml files

 I am trying to show a logo from a file: format.xml and some forms from
file: interview.xml with one xsl file to produce output html. Is this




    <text>some text</text>
    <image>one image</image>


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