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Subject: Re: [xsl] background in block container
From: Kobayashi <koba@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 22:30:56 +0900


You are correct. It should work. I made a sample here:

But block-container will not be the solution for your case.
The reason is texts in the block container will not flow to the 
next block-container in next page.

BTW: XSL Formatter V2.5 and V3.x implements extensions of border
for region-x. Following are examples:

It would be easier to use these extensions than other tricks for 
your purpose.

Best regards,

Toksuhige Kobayashi

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Still having problems with backgrounds in block-containers.

The following works as I would expect it to, placing the border on the
region-body's left and top margins and at the require width and height:

<fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">
 <fo:block-container position="absolute" left="0cm" top="0cm" width="19cm"
height="27cm" background-color="rgb(192, 192, 192)" border-color="rgb(0, 0,
0)" border-style="solid" border-width="1pt">
  <fo:block>&#160; </fo:block>

However, if instead of width and height I specify right and bottom
coordinates of 0cms, I thought that, in accordanc with the spec I would get
a borders that would correspond precisely with all of the region-body's
margins (Eg the spec says of the right property: "This property specifies
how far a box's right margin edge is offset to the left of the right edge of
the box's containing block").

Instead I get a miniscule block in the top left corner.

Can anyone please tell me why?  How do I draw a block-container with
reference to the bottom and right margins?

Unfortunately, it is impracticable for me to use width and height settings
because the page-sequence may contain repeating-alternatives for first, odd
and even pages, any of which can have different margin settings.

TIA for any help.


Mark Williams

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> Thanks everyone.
> I now have a better idea of what to do and will have a fiddle.
> Regards,
> Mark
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> > > The specification says there are no borders on regions.
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> > Thanks for pointing this, I almost thought it was a FOP-deficiency :)
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> > Cheers,
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> > Andreas
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