Re: David Carlisle =[xsl] no input from document()?

Subject: Re: David Carlisle =[xsl] no input from document()?
From: "davidpbrown" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 23:48:48 -0000

That's excellent, thanks very much..

It's was helpful to know I was on track and especially good to crack it late
on a Sunday night.. feel like I've made a small step in the right direction.
<xsl:if test="not($matching)"> now gives me new rss feed I haven't seen..


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Subject: Re: [xsl] no input from document()?

> >    <xsl:variable name="matching" select="$B[@xmlUrl = $feed]" />
> so matching will hold one or more outline elements, each of which is
> empty, so string($matching) is going to be ""
> so you don't want to do
>    <xsl:if test="string($matching) != string($feed)">
> possibly you want to do
>    <xsl:if test="$matching">
> incidentally you never need to start a match with // (it does not change
> the elements matched, only their default priority) also (although I
> suppose this is out of your control), the attribute name should not be
> as names begining with xml are reserved for future use in core xml
> specs. (which is why xmlns could suddenly be defined to have a magic
> meaning as a namespace declaration)
> David
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