[xsl] Problem of outputting HTML as literal text to browser

Subject: [xsl] Problem of outputting HTML as literal text to browser
From: shishir.srivastava@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 19:36:23 +0530
I am facing a strange problem.
I am transforming a xml doc using LotusXSL.
Now if the amount of data is huge.
Once in a while ,the parser outputs the HTML tags as literal text to
</td> or <img src="blue_dwn.gif">
this happens very inconsistently.

the code for transforming is as below.

XSLProcessor xp = new XSLProcessor(new XML4JLiaison4dom());
String s="http:<serverName><urlPath>news.xsl";
StringWriter rw = new StringWriter();
java.io.InputStream is = new
XSLTInputSource xsrc = new XSLTInputSource(is);
XSLTInputSource ssrc = new XSLTInputSource(s);
XSLTResultTarget tout = new XSLTResultTarget(rw);

P.S.--str_output contains xml doc as string.

Any help ,pointers advise would be highly appreciated.
Shishir Srivastava

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