RE: [xsl] MSXML & Internet Explorer

Subject: RE: [xsl] MSXML & Internet Explorer
From: Pieter Reint Siegers Kort <pieter.siegers@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 16:12:43 -0500
Yes, here is the link:

In fact, you can use any MSXML if you're using the right ProgID
(version-specific) and if the version is installed on the client machine -
MSDN says:

MSXML with Internet Explorer
The default XML parser for current versions of Internet Explorer is either
MSXML 2.0 or MSXML 3.0. Internet Explorer currently does not ship with MSXML
4.0 or later as its default XML parser or XSL processor for applying style
sheet templates. To use features of these versions of MSXML from within
Internet Explorer you must use scripting, when an XML DOM object is
instantiated using the appropriate version-specific ProgID.


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I found the answer to my question in the MSXML 4 SDK documentation under
"Creating a Manifest for Your Application".  Thanks!

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