[xsl] hard coded list - match?

Subject: [xsl] hard coded list - match?
From: "Bart Claeys" <Bart.Claeys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 12:28:33 +0200

I go the following hard coded list, and I retrieve an ID from a node. Now I need to put selected="true" at one on of the 
following options. How should I do this? I guess by using match?

     	<option value="1">News - left</option>
      	<option value="2">News - right</option>
      	<option value="3">Docu - left</option>
      	<option value="4">Docu - right</option>
      	<option value="5">Tips - left</option>
      	<option value="6">Tips - right</option>
     	<option value="7">Tickets - left</option>
      	<option value="8">Tickets - right</option>
      	<option value="9">Concerts - left</option>
      	<option value="10">Concerts - right</option>
      	<option value="11">Festivals - left</option>
      	<option value="12">Festivals - right</option>		
     	<option value="13">Fun - left</option>
      	<option value="14">Fun - right</option>
      	<option value="15">Games - left</option>
      	<option value="16">Games - right</option>
      	<option value="17">Ringtones - left</option>
      	<option value="18">Ringtones - right</option>

Thx a lot for the help! I'm learning a lot in this list.

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