RE: [xsl] Can one Use JavaScript to update XSL:Variables

Subject: RE: [xsl] Can one Use JavaScript to update XSL:Variables
From: Pieter Reint Siegers Kort <pieter.siegers@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 10:41:25 -0500
Hi Dave, 

> i was hoping my index.xml could parse the url.

It can't, at least not in the way you want. The XSL processor should parse
the url in your case, using Javascript to pass them into the processor. 

> I'd like to stick to XML/XSLT/JavaScript.

If you use client side processing, take into account that you're dependent
on the XSL processor installed on the client. If you target IE6, then
basically you can't use MSXML 4.0 because it doesn't come with IE6, but you
can use MSXML 3.0, only make sure you use the correct namespace:

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="";

For more info, go to:
or Google "IE6 MSXML".

You can use MSXML 4.0 or 5.0 if you can get it installed onto the client
machines, and then use version-spcific ProgID's (as opposed to the
non-version-specific ones, which are supplied for use of the versions of
MSXML in a side-by-side mode). Anyway, using less then MSXML 3.0 is bad news
because they do not conform to the W3C specs.

Javascript is ideal to pass the url params into your stylesheet. What is
your target browser?


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Subject: RE: [xsl] Can one Use JavaScript to update XSL:Variables

Michael & Vasu -

Thanks, I finally found documentation that said the same.  I just now got
the emails, sorry for the delayed response.

OK.  I am building my own photogallery.  As a side, yes, I know it's all
been done before.  But hey, I want it my way!  Besides, I am learning.

Requirements (wishes)
a) 1 datafile per gallery called galleryname.xml(which could contain 200
images or more if desired).
b) only 15 (3 rows x 5 columns) thumbs shown on the index at a time.
c) user sees a choice of "Pages 1 2 3 4 5" and so on
d) when s/he presses the link for page 2, it shows the next 15 thumbs, or
presses 3 it shows thumbs 31-45
e) when clicked on a thumb, then browser directed to image.xml w/ image.xsl
w/ image.css.  I only want 1 image.xml file (i may have 50 galleries, i only
want 1 image.xml file) which can dynamically (client-side)figure which image
to display, perhaps based on URL. (I do not want a file with every image i
have in it.)
f) no popup windows, no flash, prefer not to use DOM either. I'd like to
stick to XML/XSLT/JavaScript.

So, in a nutshell, i was hoping my index.xml could parse the url, update
$page, and use-- <xml:for-each select="image[position() > $row * $col *
($page - 1) and position() < $row * $col * $page]"> 

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

- Dave

--- Michael Kay <mhk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I want to parse the URL of my page and update an
> XSL variable. 
> You can't update XSLT variables.
> Now tell us your real problem (to which you thought the above might be 
> a solution).
> Michael Kay

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