RE: [xsl] Performance problem

Subject: RE: [xsl] Performance problem
From: "ficfic m" <ficfic@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 17:32:42 +0200
Hi David & Michael,

I have 10,116kb (~9.87Mb) xml-source file, in it I have 60,960 records of <item>

I get the following loading time:

If I use the format-bytes **                		61-64sec
If I use the bytes-format without format-number()  **    61sec
If I only print value of the bytes **	               44sec
If I only print value of the timestamp & bytes		41sec

** In the first three cases I use the format-date template.

I have Pentium4, CPU 2.4Ghz, 0.5G RAM, and Im running on windows 2000 pro.

I run my XML through iexplorer (I dont want/need to use other 3-party as saxon, just IE6)

1. How can I know what XSLT processor Im using and in which version? (I guess Im using Microsoft).

2. From your experience what you can tell about my performance?
3. I think that the div (=divide) command in the format-bytes is the heavy thing. does someone have an alternative to my algorithm?

4. Apparently I'm not using xslt2 because I get the following error "Keyword xsl:stylesheet may not contain xsl:function". Where can I find the built-in date handling functions? Does it work only with elements and xslt2? should I move to xslt2 ? how can I do it ?

5. Michael, I read somewhere that you said it is better to use <template match=..> instead of <for-each> what about my case ?

6. Ill be happy to get any tweaks to make it 10% faster, because I need to come-up with a size-limit to my file and then not to let people to open my file in IE, but to use other methods. My xml file is basically a database which I let it be displayed as html under certain size-limit.

Thanks in advance

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