[xsl] ANN: <XSLT:Wiki/> is now live at XSLTWiki.com

Subject: [xsl] ANN: <XSLT:Wiki/> is now live at XSLTWiki.com
From: "M. David Peterson" <m.david.x2x2x@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 00:58:43 -0700
As I recently noted in my blog (http://www.xsltblog.com):

I have finally taken the time to get the XSLTWiki.com site set-up such
that it is now ready for whomever feels so inclined to begin creating
content for the rest of us to enjoy and for all of the world to
benefit from.

As I have noted in the entry page for this Wiki:

    While I have absolutely no problem keeping this project going
forever, covering the cost of hosting, etc... I have no plans to
integrate any sort of advertisements, etc... and simply ask that if
you are kind enough to enter content into this Wiki that you respect
the fact that this is not intended to be some sort of "Open
Advertising" program for whatever product it is that you may be
selling. While I encourage tool and processor vendors to jump in and
create content for your particular product I would hope that you would
respect the intended purpose of this Wiki, pointing visitors to your
site for more information and leaving the "sales pitch" for when they
get there. Thank you in advance for your understanding :)

The rest of this first Wiki entry is contained in the extended portion
of this post or simply just visit the Wiki and read it there :) Please
note that just like 3 months ago when I started this blog as a
complete and total "Blog Greenie" I too am a "Wiki Greenie". While I
have my ideas on some cool content and extended features I am going to
be learning all about this somewhat new and exciting publishing medium
as the next few months continue forward. As such I ask for your
forgiveness ahead of time if something isn't working right or is
configured incorrectly. I've chosen the MediaWiki (Wikipedia folks)
software for this site so I have no doubt that things will be just
fine. But I'll leave this disclaimer in just in case I've messed
something up or configured something wrong :)

With that, enjoy! :)

:: M. David Peterson ::
XML & XML Transformations, C#, .NET, and Functional Languages Specialist

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