[xsl] Paradox(was: RE: [xsl] Result still indented despite indent="no")

Subject: [xsl] Paradox(was: RE: [xsl] Result still indented despite indent="no")
From: Mukul Gandhi <mukul_gandhi@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 23:49:55 -0800 (PST)
Sorry for another post about this subject:) I got

I just read an interesting story..
An Excellent example of 'Paradox'
Paradox - "A statement that seems contradictory or
absurd but is actually valid or true."

Few centuries ago, a Law teacher came across a student
who was willing to learn but was unable to pay the
The student struck a deal saying, "I would pay your
fee the day I win my first case in the court". Teacher
agreed and proceeded with the law course. When the
course was finished and teacher started pestering the
student to pay up the fee, student reminded the deal
and pushed days. Fed up with this, the teacher decided
to sue the student in the court of law and both of
them decided to argue for themselves. The teacher put
forward his argument saying: "If I win this case, as
per the court of law, student has to pay me. And if I
lose the case, student will still pay me because he
would have won his first case.

So either way I will have to get the money".Equally
brilliant student argued back saying: "If I win the
case, as per the court of law, I don't have to pay
anything to the teacher. And if I lose the case, I
don't have to pay him because I haven't won my first
case yet. So either way, I am not going to pay the
teacher anything".
This is one of the greatest paradoxes ever recorded in

It seems, IE's MSXML parser behaviour(about
whitespaces) offers another interesting paradox in our


--- Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> While MSXML may be conformant according to the
> letter, this is only by 
> virtue of buck-passing. It would be no less
> conformant if it worked only 
> with a parser that threw away all occurrences of the
> letter 'e' in your data.
> It's kind of like there being nothing wrong with
> your car just because the 
> tire is flat. You can still drive it -- so what's
> the problem? (The problem 
> is that you can't get tires for this car that aren't
> flat.)
> It's a pity, since in other respects the MSXML
> engine does so nicely.
> Cheers,
> Wendell
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