Re: [xsl] Beginners XML/XSLT book: suggestions?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Beginners XML/XSLT book: suggestions?
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 14:04:50 -0500
At 2005-02-27 01:36 -0800, Brian Phelps wrote:
Any suggestions on a good book to learn more about XML/XSLT and basic
stuff such as templates, nodes, and the like?

We publish a book in PDF form that comes with perpetual no-charge updates. Now in its 11th edition, our early customers have had 10 free editions.

Before considering buying, there is a freely-downloadable excerpt with the introduction to every chapter and the full content of the first two chapters and all the annexes. You might find many of the answers you are looking for in that free excerpt ... follow the link in my trailer below.

When 2.0 is finalized the book will be updated and customers will continue to get their no-charge updates.

I hope you find this helpful.

............................. Ken

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