[xsl] Serving XSLT 2.0 from Apache 2.0?

Subject: [xsl] Serving XSLT 2.0 from Apache 2.0?
From: lists-xsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 05:56:55 -0500
Apologies if this has been answered already... the list archive search function seems to only be showing February messages, no matter what I do.

I'm new to the world of XSLT, and just picked up Michael's excellent book so I can take Microsoft Project's XML output and serve reports on the web. Some of the things I want to do would be easier with XSLT 2.0, but I'm apparently a year or so too early for this to be fashionable.

What's the best way to serve HTML from static XML files, via XSLT 2.0, using Apache 2? Saxon with Tomcat is one possibility, but both seem awfully heavy apps for what I need (but maybe that's my old-fashioned no-Java-on-the-server bias). Is it in fact the only option right now?

Jay Levitt

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