[xsl] WordML question (was Re: )

Subject: [xsl] WordML question (was Re: )
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 11:46:42 -0500

At 04:47 AM 4/1/2005, you wrote:
> At 12:54 AM 3/31/2005, it was written:
> >Is it possible to define lengths (table widths, column widths and so on) in
> >percentages?
> Definitely. Getting them to work is another question.
Hm, what does this mean?

I was just being short -- answering your question without really answering it.

The real answer to your question is, unfortunately, impossible to determine without knowing more. I can say "sure, you can define them in percentages, and use XSLT to transform them into whatever you need", but I suspect that's actually not much help, although it's true.

> Everything you're asking appears to be about WordML. Is there an XSL
> question hidden in there somewhere?
Yes, I thought someone could help me. It is not really an XSL problem, but when
I do not know whether my asked features are possible with WordML or not, I don't
need to start with.

I suggest you ask someplace where WordML is on topic, such as an MSOffice developers' group. Asking here is not as effective, because (a) you have to break the list's rules to do it (people subscribe to this list looking for a fairly pure feed of information on XSL; off-topic chatter dilutes it), and (b) anyway it's not altogether likely you'll reach someone who will both know the answer, and who is able and inclined to speak up and help (the density of informed WordML users here is considerably lower than the density of XSL users, though the groups overlap).

> A subject line would be nice too (though here there's nothing to archive
> yet).
Well, but my mail has a subject line ;)

Yes, sorry, there's some weird mailer thing happening there.


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