Re: [xsl] WordML question (was Re: )

Subject: Re: [xsl] WordML question (was Re: )
From: senetex@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 08:06:11 +0200
Zitat von Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I suggest you ask someplace where WordML is on topic, such as an MSOffice 
> developers' group. Asking here is not as effective, because (a) you have to 
> break the list's rules to do it (people subscribe to this list looking for 
> a fairly pure feed of information on XSL; off-topic chatter dilutes it), 
> and (b) anyway it's not altogether likely you'll reach someone who will 
> both know the answer, and who is able and inclined to speak up and help 
> (the density of informed WordML users here is considerably lower than the 
> density of XSL users, though the groups overlap).

Oh, I see. I didn't want to dilute the list ;) The problem is, that I couldn't
find anywhere help to WordML because I whether need another software from
Microsoft or the descriptions I found do not really satisfy me, which is really
annoying. To be honest, the WordML standard is bull**** and I wouldn't use it if
it wouldn't be a school project.

But enough of chatting, you won't find any other questions from me about this
topic ;)

> Yes, sorry, there's some weird mailer thing happening there.

No problem ;)

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