[xsl] Problem with doctype-system in transformation xml to xml

Subject: [xsl] Problem with doctype-system in transformation xml to xml
From: "Axel Kesten" <kesten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 11:25:19 +0100
Hi all,

my problem is:

I have written a stylesheet to transform a list of xml-files, given in =
an xml-config-file, to another xml-file with another structure and dtd.
Anything works fine, except of the dtd-declaration in the destination =
I use  <xsl:output  method="xml" version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" indent="yes"
omit-xml-declaration="no" doctype-system="C:\A.dtd" media-type="text/xml" />

 to create the dtd-declaration.
In the A.dtd the first element is A, but the result in the destination =
xml-file is as follows:

and B is exactly the second element in the destination xml-file and it =
is the only element, defined in the A.dtd as content for A.

Of course this xml-file is not valid. If i change manually to <!DOCTYPE =
A SYSTEM "C:\A.dtd"> it's valid. That means, all the other code should =
be OK.

What is the problem? Can anybody give me a hint what I'm doing wrong?

I'm using XML-Version 1.0, XSL 2.0 and altovaxml-processor 2006 (with =
Altova XSLT 2.0 Engine) to create the output file.

Kind regards
Axel Kesten

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