Re: [xsl] Date Difference

Subject: Re: [xsl] Date Difference
From: thomas.maciejewski@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 16:01:36 -0500
I could do this but thought that there might be an easier way i was looking
at something like :

                  <xsl:variable name="date-diff2"
,xs:dateTime(xs:date(sgfr:StringToDateFormat($todays-date)   ) ) )"/>

but cant get it to work.

Do you think I should go down the julian route or is there a better way?



Tom Maciejewski

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>Is there an easy way to do a date difference in XSLT.
>I basically have two strings :   "9/11/2004"  and "10/25/2005"
>and would like to produce the number of days between the two.

Maybe you could use

It takes the three parameters day, month and year and returns the Julian
Day as a decimal number which you could use to calculate
the difference between to dates.


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