RE: [xsl] possible nested loops

Subject: RE: [xsl] possible nested loops
From: garry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 08:05:34 -0000 (GMT)
I don't think that it is a software problem, it is most likely a
programmer error (ie. me). I have read and Googled until my eyes are sore
so I am going to ask again.
This is what I want to do:
Nest one for-each loop inside another and have the inner loop reference
only the nodes in the containing outer loop and not the whole document,
which is at present what is happening and that is why the software is
I am thinking of either some sort of variable to anchor the inner loops or
a specific xpath expression for the inner for-each loop. Being new to xslt
I do not know how to do this and I have not found any docs to help me. I
only need a pointer to the info, and I can do the rest.
kind regards
garry saddington

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