[xsl] Returning an element's position number

Subject: [xsl] Returning an element's position number
From: "Cindy Hunt" <Cindy.Hunt@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 10:07:15 -0500

I am trying to create what we are calling a "table legend" which is similar to
a footnote in a table. At the beginning of the table content model, we allow
for any number of legends to be defined - this is the content for each of the
"footnotes". Each legend has an ID value on it. I access these and print them
at the end of my table and number them sequentially - that all works fine.

Next within the table cells, we allow a reference to these legends called
"legendRef" which is an empty tag but has a link attribute on it (in the
example belowI massage it into a variable called $matchLink). The link
attribute will contain a reference to an ID on one of the legends that were
previously defined. Now what I need to do is match up the legendRef with the
correct legend it should refer to and where the tag is, I need to print the
appropriate number from the list of legends as my footnote symbol so that the
numbers match up. I am having trouble determining the legend number that I am
pointing to from here.

In my template for legendRef, when I do the following:
<xsl:value-of select="ancestor::table/legend/@id=$matchLink"/>
I am getting "true" to output as my footnote symbol in the table cell. I
understand why because it matches but that's not what I want. I kept trying to
put a position() after it to get the number of the legend, but I was getting
an error when I did that.

Next I tried:
<xsl:number value="ancestor::table/legend/@id=$matchLink"/>
Which returns "1" all of the time in my footnote symbol. That's not what I
want either.

I keep looking at and trying things like count() and position() thinking
that's what I want but I can't seem to make this work the way I am hoping for.
For example, if I have the following legends:

<legend id="abc">The first legend goes here.</legend>
<legend id="def">The second legend goes here.</legend>
<legend id="xyz">The third legend goes here.</legend>

And in my table cell, I have:
<paraTable>I think I will reference the third legend<legendRef

In my output, I would like to see:
I think I will reference the third legend3.  <---imagine that the 3 was

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get the number "3"??? I know this
is probably going to end up being something simple but I feel I keep trying to
make this more complicated than it needs to be!

Thanks for any help,
Cindy Hunt

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