RE: [xsl] RE: Problem with date:add

Subject: RE: [xsl] RE: Problem with date:add
From: "Andrew Smith" <andrew.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 12:30:39 -0000
This is what I'm beginning to think as well. I've tried googling for
different things about people having problems with it but I can't find
anything that helps.

That page you linked to didn't seem to mention the date: functions
though so I'm not sure if that would help. I'm not too sure it'd be
allowed to be installed.

Thanks for your help, but I'm beginning to think this is going to be
filed under 'Postponed Indefinitely' and just use a simple manually
maintained tag to keep track of it.

Thanks again,
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From: David Carlisle [mailto:davidc@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 17 February 2006 11:47
To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [xsl] RE: Problem with date:add

>   The link just shows the XSL file used to get that output. The XML is
>   returned from a database query, but for that page it's just
>   <root CurrentDateTime="2006-02-17T10:17:00">
>   	<nothing />
>   </root>

on that input with the referenced stylesheet, saxon gives

$ saxon date.xml date-add.xsl

so it looks perhaps like an msxml4 problem?

An alternative would be to use exslt for msxml4 which would have date
arithmetic built in as extrenal functions rather than using teh template

Not tried that though.


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